Northern-most Sacred Daoist Mountain of China
China has a well-known system of Nine Most-Sacred Mountains, and has dozens more that
are highly-sacred by any standard.  The "Great Nine" are divided as five sacred to the ancient
Daoist religion and four sacred to Buddhism, but this formulation is really too simplistic.  
The famous "Hanging Temple" of North Heng-shan
One of the fascinating structures on North Hengshan is the Hanging Temple. The structure itself has oak crossbeams
keeping it attached to the mountain side. The crossbeams are fitted into holes chiseled to perfection.  There have
been many reviews on this architecture of temple and it's a little puzzling as to how it hasn't completely fallen.  The
temple, although still standing today, was reviewed by Time Magazine as one of
the worlds most dangerous buildings.
Still  Under  Construction