Books Written by Dr. Zo Zayong
Published by his Emille Museum

With Photos of Paintings from his Collection, and historic Korean artworks

Exhibited here in the interest of preserving his legacy;
all have been "out-of-print" for many years

Those copies that remain are offered for sale, exclusively
on his web-site -- proceeds will go towards maintaining it.
Guardians of Happiness

Published in 1982, this is Zo's major and
definitive work, his
magnum opus in which
he fully lays out his theories of Korean
folk-art and the role & development of its
folk-culture.  Color plates throughout.

It contains many photographs of the best
of his own collection of antique Korean
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Korean Tiger

published in 1984, this was the official
Catalog of an international-oriented
exhibition that Zo held with others to
commemorate the dedication of Seoul's
Olympic Stadium, in the run-up to the
1988 Summer Olympic Games.

It contains many photographs of the
best of his own collection, and other
collections nationwide, of antique  
Korean folk-paintings of Tigers.   
A few items designated as National
Cultural Treasures are included.
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The Life of Buddha

Published in 1975, this unique over-
sized book presents and explains the
large-format paintings of Sakyamuni
Buddha's life often found in large
Korean Buddhist temples, and often
containing interesting folkish elements.

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w89,000  or US$77  in Korea
Diamond Mountain
volume 1 and volume 2

Also published in 1975, these
unique oversized thin books
present and explain the history
of both formal aristocratic and
crudely-symbolic paintings of
Geumgang-san, Korea's most
beautiful and storied mountains
-- and in the process fully
explain their fascinating folkish
and shamanic elements. A few
paintings designated as National
Cultural Treasures are included.

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"Folkism" Volumes 1 & 2

"Spirit of the Korean Tiger"

"The Humor of the Korean Tiger"


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Introduction to
Korean Folk Painting

This is Zo's central early work, wherein he extensively describes the evolution of Korean folk-art and
presents his theories about its motifs and meanings within the context of Northeast-Asian culture.
Published way back in 1977 when his Emille Museum was still in Seoul's Gangseo-gu District, it is
entirely in black-and-white.  150 pages of extensive text in the Chapters seen above, with 200 plates
illustrating examples of every kind of Korea's traditional folk-paintings.  Now an extremely rare book.

Sorry, there are none of these books left for sale!

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