Unveiling Ceremony of the
Biseok Memorial Stone Monument
"Horay" Zo Zayong
Dan-gi 4343,  9th Day of the 10th Moon
Sunday November 14th, 2010
Our association of those who venerate "Horay"
Dr. Zo Zayong's memory and continue his efforts
of preserving & appreciating Korea's folklore, folk-
arts & spiritual traditions gathered down at
tomb, in the southern area of Sogni-san National
Park, on this chilly Sunday.  
The location is here.

After ten years we had collected enough funds for
a standing-stone memorial-monument for him to
be inscribed with a brief recounting of his life and
accomplishments, and we came together to unveil
biseok In a traditional ceremony at his tomb,
starting at 10am.   Everything went very well, and
the mood was excellent.

The Korean Folk-Painting Association
held a short Seminar on his achievements on the
previous Saturday afternoon, and then a dinner
with drinks.   They then led this ceremony,
officiated by Zo's friend Yun Yeol-su.  
For more
information on them, contact the
Gahoe Minhwa Museum
(02) 741-466 www.gahoemuseum.org
Dokkebi walks to the Ceremony at Zo's tomb-site beneath
Inja-bawi / Tiger-head of Sogni-san Cheonwang-bong
First of all, participants took their turns bowing twice in front of his tomb, offering his favorite drink makkeolli
Then the actual unveiling was spurred-foward by dokkebi
Dr Yun Yeol-su, Zo's friend and leading successor, founder of the Gahoe Folk-Art Museum
back-side of the monument -- the biographic inscription is translated on the tomb page
donors & supporters
a touch of shamanism -- we are enticed to "feed the pig, for good fortune"  (to cover event expenses)

my longtime friend Prof F.J. Seligson does so
wine and song in front of the tomb
final paying-of-respects before leaving the site
lunch-party afterwards in Zo's former house, with his relatives & friends
the poem on the monument's front is translated on the tomb page