Antique Sanshin-do
in the Museum of Shamanism, Seoul
Early 20th, Sanshin-do [Mountain-spirit Painting], from a Shamanic
Shrine or Buddhist Temple, origin unknown.  A treasure of Dr. Jang's
Museum of Shamanism, formerly inSeongbuk-gu, Seoul, and now
over west in Eunpyeong-gu.  Sorry for the reflection-distortion, but
this painting is sealed behind reflective glass, and this shot is the best
that I could do....

Folkish tiger is angry at its head used as a footstool...!   The boy
attendant (
dongja) holds a large white horsetail-fly-whisk for his
master, a symbol of an enlightened Seon [Zen] master's authority.
The mountain-king holds a fan of white crane feathers, classic.