Matched-Set of Two
Korean Folk-Paintings
by Master Kim Man-hee
for Sale by owner
price for the both:  w2,900,000  (Korea Won) or US$2640.
(shipping / delivery / pick-up is up to you; may cost extra)

Contact: David Mason  (in Seoul)  or  (+82) 010-9734-9753
These are truly excellent paintings by the greatest modern master of Korean folk painting, a matched-set
that might be considered his masterwork.  They are very rich yin-yang pair, with contrasting classical
themes of Korea's folk-art.  One shows the male tiger (representing an aristocrat) being helped to smoke
his long pipe by a pair of rabbits (representing commoners/servants); the other shows the female tiger
chasing the rabbits as they run off; this can be understood sequentially or as an endless cycle of good
relations and bad, with a touch of charming comedy.  

The first one makes a pine tree the context of the event and includes cranes with multi-colored feathers,
while the other uses a paulowina tree and features phoenixes, all of them very sacred in Korean tradition
and to be considered
yin-yang complimentary opposites.  Both paintings contain other elements of the
Ship-jangsaeng or Ten Symbols of Longevity.  These are all depicted in the classical Korean folk style,
with precision and vivid enthusiasm .
These were painted by the government-designated "living national treasure" of traditional
folk-painting, Kim Man-hee, in 2001, at the apogee of his career.  In the late 20th century,
no one was better at this genre, and he was very famous in Korean society.  He was a
loyal disciple and friend of my mentor Zo Za-yong.  He passed away just a few years ago,
and now his extant paintings are rapidly rising in value.

These are each about one meter square, and originally mounted on cloth,
and sealed in good solid wood frames.  Perfect original condition.