Antique Multi-Drawer Chest
with great mulberry wood front
for Sale
price:  w2,400,000  (Korea Won) or US$2200
(shipping / delivery / pick-up is up to you; may cost extra)

Contact: David Mason  (in Seoul)  or  010-9734-9753
This is a large two-section Korean chest made in about 1930 middle of the Japanese colonial era,
and so combines traditional Korean motifs with the new western motifs.  

It is in total 168.4 cm (66.3 inches) high, 91.4 cm (36 in) wide, and 46 cm (18 in) deep.  

The color overall is dark chestnut brown; these photos show various different colors and tones
just because of lighting; I'm sorry that these photos are not more 'professional'.

The two sections are detachable, can be used separately.  

The bottom section is four large drawers, very useful to hold anything, large volume.  

The top section has for small drawers across its bottom, and I can read that opens to reveal
three pull-out shelves, and one fixed shelf above them -- perfect size for holding dvds, which
as you can see, that's how I use it.  

So it's a very practical piece of furniture that holds a large amount and good variety of things
in your main room, as well as looking quite beautiful.  
It is made of strong basic hardwood throughout, still in excellent condition, and its main feature
is the mulberry wood veneer all across its front, showing a very beautiful grain in various patterns.
It has been knocked around with usage by real families in the past 80 years, and is chipped in a
few places.  These photos show one handle missing on the bottom drawer work right, it had
come loose but has since been found and reattached. But in general, in very good shape from
antique, and well worth the price that I am offering...