Some other Hermitages up behind
Shinwon Temple, on the way up to
Gyeryong-san's Yeon-cheon Peak
Coming someday --  yet more photos of and info on
Mountain-worship at Gyeryong-san.

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Excellent paintings of Daoist/Zen Shin-seon [Spiritual-Sages or "Immortals"] in the alpine wilderness, practicing yogic techniques of absorbing special energies from the mountain and "Heaven" (the Universe).  From Bo-gwang-am.
At Go-wang-am [Ancient King Hermitage] yet further up the slope, a Maitreya Buddha has been "manifested" from a granite cliff (see this page) below a magnificent lone pine tree, and an outdoor San-shin shrine has been set up against the cliff over to its right.  Inside it, an old stone icon reads in Chinese: "Gye-ryong-san-shin seok-bi" [Rooster-Dragon Mountain-Spirit stone tablet]. Strange designs are on the edges; little buddha statues hold the names of San-shin donors.  There is no San-shin painting included here. 
The Deok-seong painting is excellent and fully detailed.
Live-action Mountain-worship going on at a boulder behind Bo-gwang-am [Treasure-Brightness Hermitage], which is the first temple on the trail up towards Yeon-cheon Peak from the Golden Dragon Hermitage, behind "Garden of the Spirits" Monastery, on the south-western slopes of Rooster-Dragon Mountain.  Lower-right is the simple, basic matched-pair of Deok-seong and San-shin paintings enshrined there.  San-shin holds a ginseng root and a leaf-fan;   the boy offers sacred peaches.
RIGHT:  the somewhat crude San-shin painting enshrined at Deung-un-am Hermitage just below Yeon-cheon Peak.  San-shin holds a very rare triple-head bullocho sprig [yeongji-beoseot, lingzhi, reshi mushroom].  The boy offers sacred fruits. Photos of the peak itself and an outdoor Mountain-worship shrine just between it and this temple are on the first page of this series, /kyeryong1.html