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the Shamanic San-shin Ceremony
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The Neo-Confucian San-shin Ceremony
The Mt. Rooster-Dragon Mountain-Spirit Ceremonial Festival
[Gye-ryong-san San-shin-je]
This ceremony was held just after dawn on the day of the Third Full Moon of 2001, at a clearing in the forest behind Shinwon-sa [Garden of the Spirits Temple] known as geomanticly auspicious.  The black stone monument there proclaims it to be the Gye-ryong-dan [Rooster-Dragon Altar], site for respecting Korea's "First San-shin" (meaning, the leading or most important Mountain-spirit).  This hour-long ritual was conducted by prominent Neo-Confucian scholars of Kongju City; the primary officiant was Mr. Yi Seok, the last heir to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) throne.
Three conical stone towers, built in the 1980's, form yet another shrine to the Rooster-Dragon Mountain-Spirit, right behind the Gye-ryong-dan clearing.  That's my wife standing with them.
At the end, three cups of wine have been offered.  Three is the most sacred number in the symbolism of all Korean religions.