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The Neo-Confucian San-shin Ceremony
The Mt. Rooster-Dragon Mountain-Spirit Ceremonial Festival
Gyeryong-san Sanshin-je
This ceremony was held just after dawn on the day of the Third Full Moon of 2001,
at a clearing in the forest behind
Shinwon-sa [Garden of the Spirits Temple] known
as geomanticly auspicious.  The black stone monument there proclaims it to be the
yeryong-dan [Rooster-Dragon Altar], site for respecting Korea's "First San-shin"
(meaning, the leading or most important Mountain-spirit).  This hour-long ritual was
conducted by prominent Neo-Confucian scholars of Kongju City; the primary officiant
was Mr. Yi Seok, the last heir to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) throne.
Three conical stone towers, built in the 1980's, form
yet another shrine to the Rooster-Dragon Mountain-
Spirit, right behind the Gyeryong-dan clearing.
At the end, three cups of wine have been offered.  
Three is the most sacred number in the symbolism
of all Korean religions.