The Mt. Rooster-Dragon
Mountain-Spirit Ceremonial Festival
Gyeryong-san  Sanshin-je:
Korea's Largest and Most Diverse Mountain-Respecting Event
ABOVE: Shinwon-sa Temple, site of the grand festival, with
cherry- blossoms in full bloom.
RIGHT: My wife & I climbing up to the temple.
ABOVE: talking in the entrance gate
with the Zen Master of the International
Meditation Center there, Myo-bong
Seu-nim [the Venerable "Mysterious
Peak"], and my friend David Kenat,
another scholar of Korean cultural
traditions. David took some of the
pictures on this page and the following
Gye-ryong-san [Rooster-Dragon Mountain, also spelle Kyeryong-san] seen from the south, on
the Gyeryong-dae Base, high-security Headquaters of the Korean Military. The highest peak,
the 847-meter
Cheon-hwang-bong [Heavenly King Peak], is covered with military
communications facilities and cannot be climbed by civilians. I recently heard, however, that
they will soon be torn down -- and this most sacred of peaks will be restored to its natural
state and free public access.
Gyeryong-san seen from
the west (Shinwon-sa side).
Cheon-hwang-bong is
on the right, and the
is seen on the left.
RIGHT: my wife posing on the 765-meter Yeon-cheon-bong
[Endless Heaven Peak], with Cheon-hwang-bong behind her.  
ABOVE: a large San-shin stone altar at a cliff,
        just below the summit of Yeon-cheon-bong.
Gyeryong-san seen from the east (Donghak-sa
Temple side).  Shin-seon-bong [Spirit-Immortal
Peak] is on the right.
having BBQ pork and soju liquor with my friend
"Charlie", an older Korean Shaman-guy with long
white hair who lives in a hermitage on the west side
of Gyeryong-san near "Spirit Garden" Temple,
performing "Ki (spirit-energy) Healing" with his hands.
Photos from the 1998 & 1989 Gye-ryong-san San-shin-je, with
explanatory text,  appear on pages 140, 145, 154, 175-6, 209 and
213 of the First English Edition of my book.   The new photos on
these pages are all from the April 2001 festival (the 4th ever held).   
The text on the next page was adapted from Chapter 4 of the book.