Location of the Tomb of Zo Zayong
Chungcheong-bukdo Province, Boeun-gun County, Sogni-san-myeon District, Dohwa-ri Village
in the southernmost sector of Sogni-san National Park  
just a few km west of the Baekdu-daegan Crest and border of Sangju City
South of Sogni-san's Cheonwang-bong Peak 1058m,  SE of Beobju-sa Monastery
National Highway 37 from Boeun, turn right just south of Sogni-san Town,
Or, Sogni-san Exit of Expressway #30, north on National Highway 25, right on Local Highway 505;
Local Highway 606 --> 23,24,  turn left (due north) at the first peak of Samgaji-suji Resevoir-Lake,
village-road up the "Daemok-gol" Valley to just past Daemok-gol-ri Village, near Cheonhwang-sa Temple