Visit to Zo Zayong's Tomb
on the south side of Sogni-san National Park
on September 3rd, 2004
L to R: Inja-bawi (or tiger's head cliff);  Lourdes, Kim's assistant, You Jae-bong, Kim Kum-hwa, Lauren Deutsch
"To die but not be forgotten is true longevity"
(Lao tzu, Tao Te Ching #33, Ma-wang-tui text translated by V. Mair 1990 and R. Henricks 1989).
Horae's Sam-shin trinity in stone: Chil-seong, Yong-wang and San-shin
A different version of Shamanic trinity: the San-shin [Mountain-spirit],
Sam-shin [Triple Spirit, for conception/fertility] and Chil-seong [Seven Stars, Heaven]