The Dragon-Tiger Temple of U-am-san
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There are actually two temples on Cheongju City's Uam-san called Yong-ho-sa [Dragon Tiger Temple]; I don't know why this is since it is the standard ruled that no two temples in the same province should be registered with the same name.  The first, smaller, lower one is briefly featured on the previous page.  This page shows photos from the larger, higher-elevation and more-famous one.  The name is quite powerful, invoking the blue Dragon of the East and white Tiger of the West, powerful landscape guardians of pungsu-jiri [geomantic theory].  The abbot-monk who designed the unique artwork in this temple (focusing on the Mireuk-bul, or Maitreya Buddha, the world-teacher who will come someday) is a very nice, spiritual and fascinating guy.
ABOVE:  the "Heavenly King Palace" shrine, built above a pond, and the Grandmother & Grandfather "Cheon-shin" inside it (in front of a Je-seok-bul painting; see pages 104-105).  The Sam-seong-gak can be seem up behind it, and a Chinese-style Mireuk-bul [Buddha of the Future] stone statue is on the right.
Twin White Tiger and Blue Dragon door-gardian paintings, from the main Mireuk shrine at Yong-ho-sa.
BELOW:  many old Korean folktales began with "Way back in the days when tigers smoked...".
LEFT:  inside the Sam-seong-gak, a gigantic San-shin statue (missing the staff that should be in his right hand!) sits in front of an old San-shin taeng-hwa, which itself is partially covering a San-shin icon painted on the wall of the shrine.
BELOW:  a nice painting of a Shin-seon holding ginseng, from an outer wall of the Sam-seng-gak; he may be intended to represent a San-shin.
RIGHT: One of the largest San-shin statues in all of Korea, at least 4 meters tall, dominates a display of deities in granite (Buddhas, arhants and etc).  He wears the hat unique to Mireuk-bul! -- never been seen before.
This sort of very high status being given to San-shin is becoming increasingly common nationwide.