Goguryeo Kingdom Envoys
to Samarkand in 665
during the Sogdian Kingdom, center of the Silk Road
Fragment from a silk tapastry known as Samarkand Heritage, dated at 665 CE, showing what
scholars have identified as two Envoys from the Korean
Goguryeo Kingdom (~300s - 668)
Shilla and Baekje Kingdom Envoys
to Tang China in mid-500s
llustrations of Tributaries from the Liang Dynasty 502-557
6th century Liang dynasty (China) painting depicting envoys (left to right), from Wa
(primitive Japan), the Shilla Kingdom and the Baekje Kingdom.  The differences in
clothing and hairstyles is striking.  The painting is called
(唐閻立本王會圖), 6th century, China, and is now in the Palace Museum in Taipei.