The Ship-i-jangsaeng
"Twelve  Symbols of Longevity"
Monumental Lacquer-ware Inlaid with-Mother-of Pearl
Artwork  of Busan City's  Dongbaek-san Nurimaru Hall
The “Nurimaru [World-Summit in pure Korean] APEC House” assembly-pavilion on
the tip of the rocky Dongbaek Peninsula (on the western edge of the famous Haeun-
dae Beach).  This was built by Busan City to host its key meetings of the Asia-Pacific
Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit of key global leaders.
In the lobby of that building opposite the main doorway, confronting and possibly entrancing all
visitors as they walk in, is a gigantic (6 m by 2.2 m) masterpiece of lacquer-ware inlaid with mother-
of-pearl entitled
Ship-i-jangsaeng [Twelve Symbols of Longevity].   This extraordinary artwork was
commissioned by the city from Mr. Kim Gyu-jang, a famous master-craftsman of traditional artworks,
who labored on its details for years.  There was quite a bit of publicity when it was unveiled, that this
new” motif of “12 Symbols of Longevity” could now be considered “official”.  This is one of the most
beautiful, amazing, monumental and valuable works of traditional Korean art ever made!

A similar artwork was given as a "summit gift" to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il in 2007.