Our Trip to North California
in February 2008
Page Two:  Carmel and Point Lobos
We rented a good American car (Ford Taurus) and drove down to picturesque Carmel, a town famous for its artists
and writers and total-California-lifestyle
(and Clint Eastwood as former Mayor!) at the south end of the Monterey Bay
We actually had a very serious purpose in going there -- to visit the well-known former scholar of Korean Shamanism & folk-art
Alan Carter Covell (most famous book, 1986: Folk Art and Magic: Shamanism in Korea), our first meeting.  He is son and
research-partner of the late Dr. Jon Carter Covell, expert on Northeast Asian arts who authored many books on Korean
traditions (most popular of which remains
Korea's Cultural Roots; they also did The World of Korean Ceramics together);
both were friends with my mentor
Zo Zayong.   I was there to pick up his valuable archive of photographs of Korean religious
practices and artworks from the early 1980s, which he is generously donating to assist my research and publications;  the
photos will someday become an official university archive open to scholars... I hope.  
We got to know each other as he and his lovely wife (Senior Professor of Korean Linguistics
at the Monterey DLI) hosted us with warm generosity, including a seafood dinner on the wharf.
Point Lobos is a spectacular rocky peninsula just south of Carmel, lovingly preserved as a kind of state park
On this map you can see the locations of every place we visited on this trip, shown on in all four of these pages
I know it looks dumb, but she forced me...