Disastrous Flood that Swept Away the Wall of
our Santa Nino Village house & neighborhood
where Lourdes's Family lives, HQ of our Farming,  October 1st 2013
a "hundred-year flood" of the Omanod Stream during a heavy tropical downpour,
right next to our house, late afternoon on Sept 30th, 2013
old photos of the house-protecting wall that was swept away at 5am the next morning,
from early 2004 decade ago when we had just built it with great labor and expense...
because some level of flooding
is pretty frequent there.
everyone escaped the compound in panic at the roaring sound of the wall collapsing
and the stream gushing in -- nobody of our was killed or injured, we are grateful.
One village-neighbor man was swept-away while trying to save his furniture, body
has not been found; many are injured and/or homeless.  We lost one tractor...
a devastating loss for us, a huge setback to all our plans -- in the next high flood, the
entire house and all facilities (such as copra & grain dryer above) could be lost!
our once-mighty protective-wall (stone & cement &
rebar) once stood like this, with two giant old trees
that gave shade -- all swept-away.