Dumaguete Cathedral
and historic Bell-Tower
(site of our 2002 Wedding)   in January 2011
First built in the early 1700s, reconstructed after WWII...
Proud symbol of the city, the entire province:  the old Belfry-Watch-Tower built in 1811, and its pieta shrine.
According to legend Dumaguete was first named with the native word ‘daguit’ which means ‘to snatch / kidnap’, due to
rampant raids by marauding muslim pirates from the south seeking slaves. To warn the fishing village of the incoming raids
arched and diamond-shaped windows.
Grand ancient tree in the Central Plaza right across from the Cathedral;
local folklore holds that it hosts an auspicious guardian-spirit.
major shrines for Her in and around Dumaguete besides this one (see link below), and innumerable smaller ones.
My wife was born on Her Holy Festival Day, after her mother intensively prayed to Her
for a daughter for a year, and is therefore named after Her.