The New Coconut-Beans-Corn Land
we bought in Bunawon Village, Siaton District,  in late 2010
to expand our agricultural operations, we acquired this 11,000 sq-m uplands coconut-tree plantation
in semi-remote Bunawon Village
of Shiaton District, South tip of Negros Island, not far from & in-between
Omanod and Balanan.  The soil between the trees has been cultivated by old-style plow-behind-caribao,
so as to fertilize them to greater nut-production and also to grow mungo beans
(seen sprouting).
Two bridges to get there by  -- no vehicle access to this land, that starts just after this,
except maybe by tough 4WD jeep or pickup-truck... but we can deal with that for now.
Lou and Rowena walk up to the shack of our caretaker couple
me with our caretaker couple (left) and his younger brother
two stands of corn, used for animal-feed