Village Party for Lourdes's Birthday
at our Village-House in Santo Nino, Omanod
and other activities with guest Richard  
February  2012
As usual, a nouvena prayer-cermony to Our Lady of Lourdes, on her Feb 11 Appearance-Anniversary Day
(Lourdes's Birthday, which is why she has that name), was conducted by her Mother Vilma early in the morning,
see the 2011 ceremony 2011 photos here;  and then we held a small Fiesta-Party with dozens of guests from the
Santo Nino Village of Omanod District.  Special guests this year were my old friend
Richard Lucas & his son Aron.
the sacrificial star of the show
After eating we took a long hike to view some of our farmlands, including our chicken coop.
<-- coop
Lighting a Candle for Our Lady of Lourdes at Dumaguete Cathedral
A stroll on the Rizal Boulevard Promenade the next morning.  
Richard and Aron spent 9 days here... too short!
Almost a week later, after Richard & Aron went scuba-diving at Apo Island, we visited the deep Ocoy Valley in
the town of Valencia, up west above Dumaguete.  Way up at its end is the
Pulangbato Falls (a.k.a. Red-Rocks
), great place for swimming on a hot sunny day, so we tried to get up there, but the road was still too
devastated by Tropical Storm Sendong in December, so we failed to get there after an hour of trying to hike.
We then retreated up here to a subdivision development, where the ZIP-LINE operates far above that valley.
my own first-time to try zip-lining....
<--- my exhilarated self
Aron went before me....
and Richard came after -- videoing all the way!
and at the end of that long hot day (Feb 18th), we visited the Yurt being built by my deadhead buddy Jason,
on a nice garden-lot not far from "downtown" Valencia.  Show exiting is the leader Master-Craftsman.
all chaos inside, but will be a beautiful home soon...
three with nothin' ta lose