Folk-Catholic Ceremony
for Lourdes's Birthday
at our House in Dumaguete,
February 11th, 2011
as usual, this nouvena prayer-cermony to Our Lady of Lourdes, on her Feb 11 Appearance-Anniversary Day
(Lourdes's Birthday, which is why she has that name), was conducted by her Mother Vilma and her Aunt Pasing, lifelong
staunch OL of Lourdes devotees.  It took about an hour...  just before the Birthday Party with dozens of guests.
Solemn ritual over, the ladies get the party started!     on the right is Lou's cousin Alejandra, and on left is her daughter Sasha, the
smartest little girl i've met!    
unfortunately, our camera malfunctioned after these two shots, and so we have no photos of the big party...  :-(