Page Three:
Some Korean Green Tea Products
from Jiri-san's Hwagye-dong Valley
Picking and drying tea is very hard work for the women who do it every April,
but the resulting products are highly-appreciated.
Dongsan-cha  (Jakseol grade)
Yejeon-cha  (Sejak grade)
The Okro [Jade Dew] Company
Oldest Extant Tea-Producer in the Hwagye-dong Valley
Okro-nokcha  (Ujeon grade, deluxe set)
Drinking nectar in May 2007 with tea-master Mr. Hong So-sul,  the Owner of Okro-nokcha Company and
the first man to restart picking and packaging Hwagye-dong's wild green tea in a modern way, in the 1960s
"Maekpa Un-am Yasaeng-Cha" --powdered green tea
Jukro-nokcha         and        San-nokcha
Ilwol-Oak-do motif on a Jukro-nokcha shopping-bag
On many of the boxes shown below, I have deliberately displayed the origin and contact info (phone #s, websites)
so that you can contact them as-desired.   This is just a fraction of the tea-artisans working in the Hwagye Valley...
Gwan-hyang dawon, a gourmet producer even within this rarefied context
the richly-designed packaging is an integral aspect of Korean green tea culture
"Hadong Nokcha" -- a generic label used by many small producers
Jiri-dawon  --  Exquisite Wisdom Tea Farm
Sanhyo-cha  --  Mountain-Filial Tea