Above:  the port of Seogwipo City, tourism capital of Jeju-do.
Left:  statue of a traditional Jeju woman carrying a water-bottle.
The South Coast of Jeju-do
lush semi-tropical forests, dramatic waterfalls, rocky coastline,
great beaches & resorts, and interesting temples... with San-shin

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Cheonbang Waterfall
Above & below:   phallic Woi-dol-gye rock, south coast of Seogwipo.
Right:  waterfall behind Jung-mun (a.k.a. Chungmun) [Central Culture] Beach, Jeju's best beach.
Cheon-ji-yeon Waterfall
new Dol-harubang [Stone Grandfather],
symbol of Jeju culture, at Jung-mun.
traditional Jeju thatch-roof house, on the SE coast