Appointment as Public-Relations
Ambassador of Samgak-san
by Mayor Kim Hyun-pung of Gangbuk-gu, at the
2nd meeting of its Advisory Commission,
February 2008
Mayor Kim Hyeon-pung entrusted (appointed) me as a "Public-Relations Ambassador" of
Mt. Samgak-san from his Gangbuk-gu District, on February 26th 2008, during the second
meeting of his Advisory Commission
(see previous page), a great honor and responsibility.
Mayor Kim led the members of this Advisory Commission to the former "Seoul Dreamland" site to view
how it might be converted into a major new public "Grand Park" -- and on the edge of that site we visited
the "Jeontong-heunrye-gwan", a really nice aristocratic
hanok [traditional Korean wooden house], home
of a renowned patriot who sacrificed himself in despair at the loss of national sovereignty in 1910.
formal group-shot
Receiving the plaque proclaiming my appointment from Mayor Kim
toasting together with makgeolli rice-wine, at the banquet afterwards
I then made a 10-minute off-the-cuff acceptance speech about the tremendous significance of Samgak-san
as the historical energetic-guardian of Seoul City and as one of Korea's most important sacred mountains,
and how we might begin to better promote its image as such to the international community.
Mayor Kim explains the reasons for this entrustment
note the plaque's excellent "Ten Symbols
of Longevity" frame, cast in silver.-- love it!