Supplementary Entries and Texts, and
Corrections of Errors,  for the
by the Venerable scholar-biguni Hyewon and Professor David A. Mason
Deleted entire Entries:
Text that was cut from Entries:
Corrections of Errors:
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Dear readers,

After all my entries for this work had been written and edited through four drafts in 14 months, it was all heavily
edited by concerned Korean Buddhist scholars and the publishing company, without my being given a final review
afterwards.  This resulted in a few errors and biases that I did not intend, including a viewpoint slanted towards the
greater legitimacy and importance of the Jogye Order and less attention paid to other monastic orders, and the
exclusion of Won Buddhism (editors determined that this is a different religion, and not a kind of Korean Buddhism).

Also, in all the entries of my original text I set the terms that are other entries in
bold font, so that the reader would
know that these words are entries and can easily look them up (the equivalent of hot-links like in Wikipedia, if this
work were in a digital edition, online or as an "app" (and it might become one, in the next few years); t he editors
inexplicably decided to remove these boldings, making the text less comprehensible and useful.

In addition, some of my entire entries and many parts of other entries were deleted and omitted, in a move to reduce
the volume to a more affordable printable size.  Unfortunately, the editors chose for reduction or exclusion most of my
entries related to the Daoist aspects integrated into Korean Buddhism, and the sacred mountains upon which many
of the greatest temples are located -- phenomena that fascinate me, and some of my personal favorite entries to
have written.   They even cut my 20-page Introduction!  That text summarizes the whole history of Korean Buddhism,
and explains eight factors that differentiates it from the Buddhisms of other Asian nations.

All these actions represent how mainstream Korean Buddhists have a very different perspective on the definitions of
the realities of their traditions from how an international scholar like myself views them, and views the significance or
importance of these kind of factors -- and a different view of what style of book will be useful to non-Koreans.

Therefore, I am posting many of the deleted entries and paragraphs here on this section of my website, so that
international readers can supplement the actual book itself with these texts that demonstrate my vision of what I
wanted to say about the nature of Korean Buddhism and the factors that make it truly "Korean".  This page will also
offer corrections to any errors that are found throughout the text.  

Hopefully, a second edition of this Encyclopedia that might be made within a few years that incorporates these
corrections, restores most of the omitted texts and restores the
bold font for entry terms.