Supplementary Entries and Texts for the
by the Venerable Hyewon and Professor David A. Mason
Text that was cut from the end of an Entry:
Sanshin-gak or Sansin-gak   산신각   山神閣       page 467-68
Mountain-spirit Shrine

Most Korean Buddhist temples perform ceremonies called Sansin-je (山神祭) once or
twice per day, giving offerings and recognition to the spirit as a kind of rent-payment’
special Buddhist chants for this deity are chanted. Monks are known to supplicate the
deity for good health, clarity, strength and harmony with nature so as to continue their
practices without hinderance. This shrine and its spirit are also very popular with lay
members of the Seungga (僧伽, Sangha, temple community), who perform Sansin-gido
(山神祈禱, ritual supplication prayer to the Mountain-spirit), prostrations or meditation,
and often give significant donations that help support the temple. Many of the Sansin
paintings belonging to temples are now valuable antiques over a hundred years old,
and represent the best of Korea’s folk-painting traditions.

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