Supplementary Entries and Texts for the
by the Venerable Hyewon and Professor David A. Mason
Correction of an Error in an Entry:
Buseok-sa the Floating-Rock Temple                 page 115    

In the second paragraph of page 115, within the Buseok-sa entry, it said that there is
"the earthen seated Sakyamuni statue designated as National Treasure #45", but this
is a mistake, it is referring to the clay
Amita-bul statue already described at the end
of the previous paragraph.  In addition, this entry should have noted that Buseok-sa
contains five of Korea's "National Treasures"  -- the third greatest concentration of
these most precious artifacts in the nation, after only the National Museum collection
Bulguk-sa Temple.

For much more information, and many photos,  see my Buseok-sa page.