-- Our New Home --
a flat in a house behind Kyung Hee University
July 2006:
side of our house, with bedroom window,
looking back up that same street.
view down the street towards our house, which is below the
right side of that banner.  there is a little park right in front of
our house, a nice and rare touch of green in NE Seoul.
looking out of our bedroom window up the narrow alley towards Gohwang-san Mountain (on the other side of
which is the University)
, a cement statue of Buddha can be seen sitting on top of the gate of Gwanbul-sa Temple.
Lou cooking barbecue on our
new American charcoal-grill, in
the narrow part of our porch
front gate, with our car parked
view of the living room as you walk in the front door
Lou checking her text messages on the front porch
Living Room,  with cabinets and air-conditioner
Bedroom, with girl at computer
Entertainment and Exercise Room
I like the ceiling...
housewarming BBQ-
and-watermelon PARTY
held with many Filipina
friends (and Dave,
Elaine's boyfriend) on
Sunday, July 9th 2006
Lou in a tropical dress
she made herself
friends at the party