Kyung Hee University's Seoul campus is famous for its forested beauty.
Here are some photos of my Office and the views from my building (
the College
of Hotel and Tourism Management Building
) of its surroundings, in November 2005:
the view from my 7th-floor office window, looking NW
lower-right is the International Education Building; up on the ridge is the President's Residence
the view from my office window, looking straight west
over the pond to the Fine Arts Building
Looking north from the roof of my building, the peak of the ridge, the "Grand Peace Palace"
non-denominational Cathedral, and the Main Administration Building.
From my 6th-floor classroom,
the Grand Peace Palace with
Surak-san [Watery-Crags
Mountain] showing to its right.
Main Library on lower-right.
a lovely little pond is just behind
my building, decorated with small
classical statutes; I usually park
my car above this pond, walk
past it down to my office...
Seoul Campus in January  (from the KHU 2006 Calender)
Seoul Campus in April  (from the KHU 2006 Calender)
Seoul Campus in October  (from the KHU 2006 Calender)
Seondong Pond in June  (from the KHU 2006 Calender)
the "Tunnel of Red" just above that pond, at the end of every October
Lou at the "three semi-nude
dancing-girls bridge" behind
the Grand Peace Palace.