"30 Great Icons of Korean Buddhism"
2010 Series of Articles in The Korea Times
Weekly series of 30 historical essays in the Korea Times newspaper, every Friday
March~Chuseok, on 30 of the greatest treasures of Korean Buddhism, sponsored
by the Korean Buddhism Promotion Foundation.  I spent October editing them with
Prof Chun Ock-bae (we each wrote about a third of them), and they were then
collectively published as
a book "The Colors of Korean Buddhism"  that was
distributed (for free) to all participants at the Seoul G-20 Summit in November 2010.
"Seokguram: Korea's Supreme Grotto"  --  Feb 26th  2010  by myself

"Tripitaka Koreana: Scriptural Treasure" --  March 05th  2010  by myself

"Haein-sa, the Historic Dharma-Jewel Monastery" -- March 12th 2010  by myself

"Tongdo-sa, Master Jajang's Mysterious Buddha-Jewel Monastery" - March 19 by myself

"Songgwang Temple Spreads the Monastic Jewel"  -- March 26th  2010  by myself

"Jikji-sastra: An Invaluable Text of Buddhism"  -- April 2nd,  by AKS Prof Kim Jong-myung

"Yeongsan Jae, Ritual for the Joy of Perpetual Peace" --  April 9th,  by Chun Ock-bae

"Why Wonhyo Now?"  -- Great Master Wonhyo-daesa --  April 16th,  by Chun Ock-bae

"Master Hyujeong (Seosan-daesa), Protector of the Nation" -- April 23, by Chun Ock-bae

"Master Jinul: Founder of the Jogye Order"   --   April 30th,  by Chun Ock-bae

"Yeongsan Assembly Painting" -- Buddha Preaching the Lotus Sutra -- May 7th, by Taylor Pak

"Pagodas of Multiple Jewels & Sakyamuni Buddha" -- Bulguk-sa's Tabo-tap and Seokka-tap
-- May 14th, by Kim Jong-myung

"Water-Moon Gwaneum Paintings: humble aspirations for salvation"
-- the Greatest Goryeo-Dynasty Icons -- May 21st, by Taylor Pak

"Ten Ox-herding Pictures: Seeking Traces of Original Buddha-mind" -- May 28th, by Chun Ock-bae

"Maitreya Bodhisattva in Contemplation: the Mireuk-bosal Ban-gasayu-sang Statues"
-- June 4th by myself

"Three Temple Gates:  Entrances to Enlightenment"  --  June 11th,  by Kim Haan-young

"Four Instruments: Dharma-Sounds of Liberation"     --   June 18th,  by Kim Haan-young

"Temple Halls: Sanctuaries of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas"  -- June 25th,  by Kim Haan-young

"Lotus: Flower of an Immaculate Buddhist World" --  July 2nd, by Chun Ock-bae

"Wooden Fish-gongs & Wind-chimes: Symbols of Buddhist Cultivation"-- July 9, by Chun Ock-bae

"Beompae:  Solemn Chant for Buddhist Ritual" --  July 16th, by Han Chang-ho

"Seungmu: "Seon" Meditation through Dance" --  July 23rd, by Lee Hyo-won

"Lanterns Lighting the Path to Liberation" --  July 30th, by Kim Jong-myung

"Angeo: Buddhist Meditation Retreats"  -- August 6th by Chun Ock-bae

"Sanshin-gak: Mountain-spirit Venerated in Korean Temples"  -- August 13th, by myself

"Gasa Monastic Robes:  Letting-go of Our Possessions"  -- August 20th,  by Chun Ock-bae

"Balu-gongyang: Korean Buddhist Monastic Meals"  -- August 27th by myself

"Korean Bhikkhunis Create a Culture of Their Own" --  Sept 3rd, by Han Sang-hee

"What do Goryeo Buddhist Paintings tell us about Goryeo People?"-- Sept 10 by Lou Morrison

"Palsang-do: Eight Scenes of Buddha's Life"  -- September 17th,  by Chun Ock-bae
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