2013 visit to
China's Most Beautiful Mountain
with the Choi Chi-won Seminar Group
My 3rd visit to the fabled Yellow Mountain, actually -- after 1983 and 1996.
It is a National Park of China and a UNESCO World Heritage Site,
the world's most-visited of both -- around 20,000,000 people come here every year!
On this trip I reconfirmed the surprising fact that this is NOT one of China's many great Sacred Mountains
-- altho loosely associated with Daoism and deriving its name from a myth that the "Yellow Emperor"
(黃帝, Huangdi, initiator of Chinese civilization c.2600 BCE) practiced here, it never had major temples
or a lineage of masters -- has always just been regarded as the most beautiful set of peaks, but lacked
Qi energy for spiritual development (wrong mix of Yin & Yang, somehow).   This sort of yang
upthrust of rocks is usually excellent for it, as at Geumgang-san, Seorak-san, Sogni-san & etc, but
here it is excessive, leading to a complimentary excess of cold yin energy descending upon it --
at least this is what Korean Seondo-Daoist Master Choi traveling with us seemed to explain to me.
my good professorial companions on that sadly cloudy day...
Huang-shan the Yellow Mountains shot by Karem Apaza Lopez; used with kind permission