Shrine in China's Yangzhou City, Commemorating
Go-un Choi Chi-won
Our visit in October 2013
The shrine for Korea's Korea's great Confucian-Daoist "Lone Cloud" Sage-Hero
Choi Chi-won is inside this restored Ming-Dynasty City Gate of historic Yangzhou City
along the ancient Grand Canal, within the beautiful Shouxihu [Slender West Lake] Park.
our group crossing the stone bridge and entering the fortress-gate that now protects the
City Museum, gardens and Shrine for Master Go-un, on the hazy morning of 2013.10.15
in the garden within the gate, the most explicit "dragon rock" ever seen!
The Grand Shrine for Go-un Choi Chi-won at the eastern rear of this Park
beautiful etched-bronze artworks on either side of the hall,
depicting sceneries from Choi's life in Gyeongju and Yangzhou
upstairs, a Museum of Choi's role in a millennium of relations between Korea and China
even a souvenir stand!   with medallions for sale...