Sejong University Classes Fall 2018
Prof.  David A. Mason
Leisure Tourism Sociology
Mid-Semester Presentation Assignment
Paper about a major issue in Leisure Sociology

1.  Research about all the various major issues in Leisure
Sociology and how they relate to Tourism in this world.

2.   Choose one of those to make your report on.

3.   Tell Prof. Mason your choice of Issue --
by Wed Oct 10th.
Send Email:

4.   Research all-about your chosen issue, including it's history,
development and possible future,  and then write a 8-page Paper
(essay-report) about it.   Use MS-Word.  Act as-if you are reporting
to a large Tourist Agency or Government Office in your country,
so make it seriously professional.

5.   These are due on Dec 1st, or before.

6.  Those who want to make a presentation for bonus points,
maybe can -- we will see.  Wait on that.....

7.   Mason will judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary,
professionalism and content quality.
Leisure Sociology Introduction Essay Handout  
Sociology of Leisure Tourism File-1

Singh and Trang Presentation on Urban Tourism Conf

Sociology of Leisure Tourism File-2

Holidays Handout

Olympics History Handout