Sejong University Classes Fall 2017
Prof.  David A. Mason
Leisure Tourism Sociology
Mid-Semester Presentation Assignment
Choose ONE of these Options!:
40 Students:
Attend the Leisure Tourism (Gaming) Forum on Friday
Oct 13th, 1:30 ~ 6pm  [at COEX Center].

Take notes, then turn-in a 3-page essay on what you learned
from it, MS-Word single-spaced 12-pt font, by Monday Oct 23rd.
Grading will be on quality of original content, and then English.

40 Students:
Presention about a major issue in Leisure Sociology

1.  Research about all the various major issues in Leisure Sociology
and how they relate to Tourism in this world.

2.   Choose one of those to make your report on.

3.   Tell Prof. Mason your choice of Issue --
by Wed Oct 11th.
Send Email:
First-come, first-serve -- register soon -- If more than two try to choose
the same issue as topic, Mason will say no; you have to choose another.

4.   Research all-about your chosen issue, including it's history, development
and possible future,  and then prepare a Presentation of about 10~15 minutes
long about it.   Use PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.   
Act as-if you are presenting to a large Tourist Agency or Government Office in
your country, so make it seriously professional.

5.   We will hold these presentations in the classes of October 23 ~
November 15th  -- 5 students per day.   
You can choose your date to do it on!  If there is opening.

7.   On the day of your presentation, give Prof. Mason a 2-page
summary of your report.  (no photos).

8.   Mason will judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary,
presentation skills, professionalism and content quality.  See Below!
Leisure Sociology Introduction Essay Handout  Holidays Handout  
Sociology of Leisure Tourism File-1

Sociology of Leisure Tourism File-2
EXCEPT the final 5 pages (Reading on 9-11 & etc),
that is NOT on the FE.
{although that might be interesting for you to read!}