Sejong University Classes Fall 2017
Prof.  David A. Mason
Hotel Management Seminar
Late-Semester Presentation Assignment
We will hold a series of Debates and Discussions
on Topics Related-to Hotel Management

1.  Choose one partner in your class by Sept 27th.
If you have no friend in this class or can't agree to partner with someone, Mason will assign partners.

2.   Choose an interesting / controversial  topic / question
Choose one that has two sides that can be debated.   Be specific!  A wide range is possible.
Choose one that is a hot "Hotel Management" policy topic, Korean or international.
If you choose one that has 3 sides to it, you can make a team of three!

3.   Tell Prof. Mason your partner and topic, and get my approval,
by email
If too many try to choose the same topic, Mason will say no; you choose another.

4.   Research the various sides of / opinions on your debate.
In some cases, international views may be relevant.

5.   Prepare a debate-presentation 10~15 minutes long,
showing both sides of your topic or problem.
It can be a pro-con debate, or Liberal-Conservative, old-new Gen, etc.
Faking your opinion, acting a role, is fine.   Use PowerPoint, or not.

6.   Include at the end of your debate, 3 questions for all students to
group-discuss about your topic.   
On a slip of paper or on-screen.

7.  We will hold these debate-presentations, 3 per class, in the classes
of Oct 31st ~ Dec 7th.  You can choose your date, if it's open.

8.   On the day of your presentation, each one give Prof. Mason a summary-
essay of your side of the debate, on 1 page of paper...  no photos.

9.   Mason will judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary,
presentation skills, and content quality  (
see below)
Hotel Management Doc-1

Hotel Management Doc-2

Hotel Management Doc-3
(download this and study it ALL for the Final Exam)
Also on Final Exam:  Key Questions about Best Presentations
Hotel Manager's Guidebook