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David A. Mason's San-shin Website
all about Korean Mountain-spirits and their shrines,
Korea's sacred peaks and mountain-veneration traditions
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about  David A. Mason
Interviews and Articles on my Research

Korea's Four "Golden Ages"
and their associated UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites

All Korea's UNESCO World HeritAge Sites

Korea's Top-21 Buddhist Temples
the Nine Highest Korean Temples
Jeokmyeol Bogung Temples
Seonjong Gusan [9 Holy Zen Mountains],
Homes of the Gusan-Seonmun Temples
Hwaeom Shipchal -- Ten Avatamsaka Temples

the Nine Greatest Seowon
(Neo-Confucian Academies-with-Shrines) -- now UNESCO WCH Sites!
Sobaek-san Sosu-seowon in Punggi

Korean "Residences" of Buddhist Deities
or Sites especially-dedicated to them

Special Lecture on Gangneung Dano-je
ToSSoK in Busan, July 2008
APTA in Bangkok, July 2008
ToSSoK on Anmyeon-do 2009
Bangkok Tourist Shots with Lou

Korea Times front-page Article on
Korea's Religious Tourism, October 2008

Tour to a Buddhist San-shin
Ceremony in Seoul, 2005, 06 & 07

History & Culture of
Korean Green Tea
the Best new Book on Korean Green Tea

Endorsement by "Doh-ol" Kim Yong-ok

The Baekdu-daegan
-- Korea's Mountain Energy-Spine --

Korea's version of Feng Shui
-- Pungsu-jiri --
Doseon-guksa, Korea's great Geomancer

Korean 1700s World-Map

Gangbuk-gu District Advisory Commission
and PR-Ambassador of Samgak-san
Shawn and Yu-mi's Wedding April 2007
Shamanism Seminar Nov 2007
North California Trip Feb 2008

Jang Bo-go Memorial in Seoul

Go-un Choi Chi-won
Seondo Choi Chi-won Seminar  Nov 2010
1903 RAS article on Choi Chi-won
Masan Seminar 2018

Dr. Zo Zayong, my mentor
Lauren Deutsch's Article on Zo Zayong
Our 2004 Visit to his Center & Tomb, and Rituals
BOOKS by Zo Zayong
Ship-jangsaeng -- Ten Symbols
of Longevity  (actually, 12)
from north-to-south along the west side of this peninsula,
starting around Seoul, then south-to-north along the east side
At the San-shin-gak of Biseul-san
Nam-jijang-sa Temple south of
Daegu City, Autumn 1999.  Photo
by my old friend Kwon Soon-il.
Seondo Korean Daoism -- the International
Institute for Sundo Taoist Cultural Research, led by
Master Kim Hyeong-mun at Hanseo University in
Chungcheong-namdo.  AKA
Kuksundo [Guk-seondo]
Daoist practices -- very interesting stuff.
See my listing of Korea's 40 most sacred places on
Martin Gray's excellent Sacred Sites of the World
website, on
this page about Korea.
For plenty of information on and beautiful photos of the
world's holy pilgrimage destinations, get his excellent
new book:
Sacred Earth: Places of Peace and Power.
The Korean Art Society
Promoting Appreciation for Korean Art and Culture

Korean Art and Antiques
the largest and finest selection of Korean art and
antiques for sale outside Korea, with educational
information in English on Korean artifacts
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Wonhyo Pilgrimage Trail
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Launch of the Trek!
Green Shinto Blog
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Guided Tours that I offer in and around Seoul:  Tours By Locals .com and Context Travel
Solitary Sage:  Life, Wisdom and Legacy of "Go-un" Choi Chi-won
2016  --  ebook and printed versions -- all-color-photos Ebook is available!
Living in South Korea
Naju City's Bulhoe-sa
Chuncheon's Samak-san
the Home-Root Mountain of my heart
"Alone in a Crowd"
2019 Backpacker Magazine Article on Korean Hiking Style, with a quote from me